Trainer Certification Requirements

One  of the following certifications is required in order to serve as a team trainer.  All certifications must be valid and up to date.

  •        Any St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid Course of 8 hours (or more)
  •       Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid & Basic Rescuer CPR course
  • Sport Alliance of Ontario/Canadian Red Cross Sport First Aid course
  • Ontario Hockey Trainer’s Certification Program
  • A professional designation (examples:  MD; RN; Policeman; Fireman)

* Please note that CPR as a stand alone certification is NOT an equivalency.

When registering online as a trainer, a copy of the valid certification must be uploaded in order for your registration to be completed and approved.

If you registered as a trainer last year and your certification is still valid, there is no need to upload a copy of your certification as it is kept on the system.  However, you are still required to register each year as a trainer. 

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